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A Series on Intergenerational Conversations

What does it mean to listen to each other? What does it mean to communicate across generations? To explore these questions, the Dragon Fruit Project is putting on a collaborative series on Intergenerational Conversations. From August 12 to August 15 these events will work to engage with the different ways that LGBTQ API people have

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Dragon Fruit Project: WIKI HACK

Wikipedia is one of the most visible and widely used resources for information. However, there is a sparsity of queer API histories on Wikipedia, limited both in detail and in the number of entries. Thus, we are thrilled to invite you to Dragon Fruit Project’s first ever Wiki Hack! For the past year and a

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What does intergenerational work entail?

Last month, I went to the Old Lesbians Organizing for Change conference and spoke on the intergenerational panel. While I was very aware of being the youngest person, I was proud to impart some of my wisdom on the topic of “intergenerational work.” When we were asked, “What does intergenerational work actually entail?”  I felt fully

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