Author: API Equality

Image description: Nancy is outside, smiling toward the camera. She is wearing a red floral shirt. In back of her is a pond with plantlife growing in it.

Nancy Chen

SEPT 2018 | NANCY CHEN Nancy Chen (she/her) has been volunteering with APIENC since 2015. She started off transcribing for the Dragon Fruit Project and joined the Core committee in 2017, APIENC’s leadership body. Nancy identifies as queer and non-binary. Outside of APIENC, Nancy works with elementary and middle schoolers at the Chinatown YMCA, just

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Medha Asthana

JUL 2018 | MEDHA MEDHA is a volunteer and Core member of APIENC! Medha Asthana identifies as a queer Indian American, born in India and raised in the Midwest and the SF Bay Area. Outside of APIENC, Medha is an Organizer at Californians for Justice. They work with high school students in East San Jose,

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Skate with your fellow APIENC-ERS!

Learn How to Skateboard: Beginner’s Basic 101 with Lorl and Yams BYOB: It’s bring your own board event! Who: Everyone and all levels but centering queer trans folx beginners! What: Learn how to skateboard (this entails the basics!) Where: Golden Gate Park! (at the skatin’ place near 8th and Fulton) When: Sunday, July 15, 2018

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