Author: API Equality

Mika sits indoors, smiling toward the camera. Behind her is a wall with big flowers prints.

Mika Hernandez

MAR 2019 | MIKA HERNANDEZ Mika (she/they) is a mixed queer non binary artist, community organizer, cook, and healer. Mika was born, raised and currently lives on occupied Chochenyo Ohlone land. Mika is yonsei, chicana, and 4th generation corean american.On this land, Mika began organizing young which allowed her to start dreaming, finding and creating

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Image description: Ethan stands indoors, smiling at the camera and holding a small whiteboard that reads: "I dream of resilient, safe, and interdependent queer & trans Asian & Pacific Islander communities everywhere."

Ethan Li

JAN 2019 | ETHAN LI Ethan is a queer and nonbinary Chinese+Taiwanese American who grew up in the Midwest. They are a graduate student working on bioengineering research at Stanford while also building queer community: “Transitioning into my program while I’m still early in the process of navigating my relationship with gender has been challenging,

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Image description: JoJo is leaning against a wall, head tilted slightly and looking at the camera.

JoJo Ty

NOV 2018 | JOJO TY JoJo (they/he) is an active APIENC volunteer and community leader. Jojo has brought their expertise on community walking tours to the Dragon Fruit Project Walking Tour and our Trans Justice Committee. More recently, they have helped create the graphics for our GROW Fundraising campaign! Outside of APIENC, JoJo, who identifies

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Jasmin is outdoors at a community garden holding a box of dead plant material while smiling toward the camera.

I’m transforming into a more powerful version of myself. Will you join me?

This is Jasmin Hoo, the new Community Organizer at APIENC. In this past month since I’ve started, I’ve been asked to reimagine what community care and accountability look like, stretched to practice new organizing skills, and encouraged to confront my own personal shadows that are standing between me and liberation. Everyday I literally feel myself

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