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Image description: Gem stands outdoors amongst trees holding a fluffy gray dog in their arm while slyly smiling at the camera.

Gem Datuin

Jul 2020 | Gem Datuin Gem Datuin (they/them) identifies as a queer, non-binary, pilipinx feminist & abolitionist and has been a member of APIENC since 2016. For the past year, they have been part of APIENC’s Leadership Development (aka SKATE Crew) Committee. Gem is also part of the Oakland-based band Coraza and for their paid

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Image description: Zoe is sitting and smiling outdoors on some steps with an amphitheatre and some buildings in back of her.

Zoe Chen

May 2020 | Zoe Chen Zoe marched with us at 2019 Trans March and is now part of APIENC’s Trans Justice Committee! Her pronouns are she/her/hers and identifies as a transgender woman. When Zoe is not with community at APIENC, she is a MFA student in acting at the American Conservatory Theater, but in the

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Image description: colorful infographic titled "2019: How APIENC Has Grown", describing accomplishments in Leadership Development, Dragon Fruit Project/Network, Trans Justice, and Sustainability & Other Growth. Graphic by Cynthia Fong.

What will our work mean for the seven generations after us?

The world is on fire. It’s no understatement to say that our people are facing political repression, overwhelming inequality, and climate catastrophe. Corrupt politicians and poisonous systems have robbed us of our ability to live, thrive, and be in abundant relationship with the land and one another.  In the face of despair, APIENC has spent

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Image description: Kyle is outdoors and smiling on a balcony overlooking a lush forest and a mountain in the background.


Jan 2020 | Kyle Kyle (he/him) identifies as a queer trans guy and has been involved with APIENC for a year now and became more involved when he joined APIENC’s Trans Justice Committee. Kyle currently works at a tiny biotech startup doing graphic design and marketing and has hopes of positioning himself as a science

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