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Image description: Paige is indoors smiling at the camera.

Paige Chung

Sept 2020 | PAIGE CHUNG Paige (she/they) is a poet and a skater. In their own words, “My last writing project Nail Trap is juicier than your neighborhood gossip and my current project is hotter than your cousin’s mixtape. I’m based in Los Angeles, but I roll everywhere.” Paige first came to APIENC in the

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Image description: Hieu is indoors and smiling at the camera. There are posters on the wall behind them.

You Matter: Video Reflection on LEX 2020

LEX & the APIENC family brought so much… so many things, but what i’m most thankful for is the healing that it brought to me when i felt too overwhelmed to know where to start, & i want to share some of my learnings, un-learnings & re-learnings. radical vulnerability, as nerve-wracking as the build-up is,

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