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Image description: Dorothy is outdoors slightly smiling at the camera. There is a tree behind them.

Dorothy Tang

MAY 2021 | DOROTHY TANG Dorothy Tang (they/them) joined APIENC last year and is on the Dragon Fruit Podcast production and dissemination teams and is a member of the Trans Justice Committee. Dorothy, who identifies as 2nd generation Teochew/Chinese-Vietnamese and non-binary, first found APIENC last summer when they were seeking out a community of other

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Image description: Illustration of Yuan and Sammie kneeling on the ground looking down at Yuan's hand. There are dragon fruit plants surrounding them and drawings of memorable APIENC moments laid out in front of them.

It took me 8 years to write this 😱

Dear Community,  At one of my first supervisions as a Summer Intern in 2013, Monna turned to me and asked, “why does it feel so difficult for you to ask for help?” I stared at her blankly, the grey partitions of the cubicle closing in on me.  Why does it feel difficult?! How could asking

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Image description: Sangeeta is outdoors smiling while holding up a basket of plants. There is a fence and vegetation behind them.

Sangeeta Sarkar

MAR 2021 | SANGEETA SARKAR Sangeeta (they/them) identifies as a queer non binary South Asian femme. They were part of the 2020 LEX (Queer Leadership Exchange) cohort and are currently leading an Asking for Help workshop series for Trans and Queer South Asian folks. They are a part of APIENC because they feel like they

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Image description: A quote from Huanvy in black text with highlighted text in yellow against a turqouise background. Huanvy is on the right side of the image smiling and looking down.

What do we have to offer our movements?

It’s December 2019, and I’m in a cabin in Guerneville at my first Core Retreat as one of the newest members of APIENC Core. I’m super excited to be spending a weekend with such cool people, but I’m also a little nervous. If I listen closely, there are voices in my head saying, I don’t

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Image description: Zoom selfie with 25+ smiling people. Some are making peace signs and hearts with their hands.

Boundless Possibilities & Imperfect Experiments

There I was—sitting on my chair at home, hundreds of miles away from the seven other people on my Zoom screen, feeling vulnerable and nervous, and yet, so warm at the same time. I was asking my fellow APIENC Summer Organizer Team for support around gender identity. I felt so emotional I had to type

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Image description: Light text on purple/blue background that reads: "APIENC Summer Organizer Program." In a pink box, text reads: "Apply By March 1st!" To the left is a Zoom selfie above a blue sphere with the APIENC logo below.

2021 Summer Organizer Program – Apply by March 1st!

Do you want to work with trans, non-binary, and queer Asian and Pasifika people and communities? Do you have a commitment to social justice? Are you ready to transform, learn concrete community organizing skills, and work to build movements for change? The application for APIENC’s Summer Organizer Program is now open! Applications are due March

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